1. To qualify for a club pitch your club must have a minimum of 5 vehicles.
  2. At the time of been accepted you are required as a minimum to cover the entry ticket costs of 5 driver show tickets. Please make sure you purchase the correct day and camping is available.
  3. Tickets to be bought online via the show car tickets page.
  4. A completed booking form and partial payment must be made straight away and full payment must be received  by Friday 29th july 2022.
  5. No monetary refunds will be given.
  6. All display material and/or exhibition equipment shall be positioned within the confines of the reserved Club Stand.
  7. No obscene material and/or display material and/or behaviour which could cause offence to visitors, other Car Clubs (and their staff) or Driffield Car Craze (and their staff) will be allowed.
  8. Food and/or beverages may not be sold from any Club stand under any circumstances.
  9. The distribution of leaflets is strictly forbidden. Posters or other promotional material must be distributed within the confines of the Club Stand area only.
  10. Only Club merchandise that matches the name of the club on this form can be sold from the stand.
  11. Car Clubs are responsible for the cleanliness of their stands and all rubbish must be placed in the rubbish bins provided.
  12. Car Clubs are responsible for the safekeeping of all products or other items on their Club Stand. Driffield Car Craze will not be responsible in any way for the loss or damage to Car Club members’ property howsoever caused.
  13. 5 MPH SPEED LIMIT EVERYWHERE ON SITE .Please watch your speed when driving on-site. There are many people walking around especially young children.
  14. No glass bottles, jars etc allowed on site. This is for you and your car's safety and especially for those in the camping areas. Any glass will be confiscated.
  15. Do not trespass onto any of the adjoining private fields or woods. Any persons found on adjoining property will be evicted off the site immediately.
  16. NO OPEN FIRES. Only charcoal barbecues are allowed; open fires of any sort are not permitted. Wood will not be allowed on site or to
    be collected from adjoining private land.
  17. No quad bikes, mopeds or any other unlicensed motorised vehicles are allowed on site.
  18. No parking on any roadway – park only in the camping or parking areas and in accordance with the instructions of the parking marshals.
  19. No driving around the site after 9PM
  20. No independent sound systems are allowed on site. Any music should be played at a reasonable level and all music should be switched off at 10PM.
  21. Medical assistance can be found on site.
  22. Security will be on site at all times throughout the event to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable time. Their instructions must be followed at all times. Please contact them in any emergency.
  23. Please bring only essential valuables and do not leave them in tents or on display in cars
  24. No stunts, burnouts or donuts in roadways or campsites, any persons found doing so will be evicted off the site immediately.
  25. No fireworks or Chinese lanterns or aerial drones.

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